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Clifford & 南昆請到各領域的專家和大家聊聊國際商業趨勢
和老外的聊天內容也不再是What do you do in your free time囉~

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全球性半導體短缺 (The Global Semiconductor Shortage) - 訪談專家:Jon Y

September 15, 2021




今天亞洲財經 YouTube 頻道 Asianometry 的 YouTuber Jon Y 就要來和我們分享半導體領域的常見的術語、全球半導體短缺的原因,還有半導體產業可能的未來趨勢。

**Jon 的亞洲財經 YouTube 頻道 Asianometry:https://bit.ly/3EqgLNt

**訪談片段在 (04:32 - 19:52)

**用 Descript 來線上聽這次的訪談,會自動標示講到哪邊還可以調整語速喔!https://bit.ly/3nwIbLA



  1. To boil down to something (動詞片語) 歸結於

The entrepreneur's success can be boiled down to one thing: his persistence.

  1. Game of chicken 膽小鬼賽局

Walmart and Amazon are in the middle of a price war and while these two giants play a game of chicken, smaller retailers who can’t survive on such tiny margins are going to suffer, with many of them closing for good.

  1. To elbow out (動詞片語) 強迫使某人離開位置或工作

Foreign plants or animals may out-compete and elbow out native species, which is why it is illegal to import them without a license. 


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